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Steers the Ultimate and Leading burger brand in South Africa.

Legendary 100% Pure Beef, Flame Grilled, just tastes better!


Steers was started 60 years ago, with 545 local restaurants and Conveniently Located at Monument Park Shopping Centre.

We want to assure You the client that we take hygiene very seriously and have implemented a hygiene policy at all our restaurants. It all starts with washing of hands, with a buzzer system at each workstation that alerts our staff every 20 minutes to wash their hands, you are assured that all food purchased at steers are hygienically handled.


Our staff wears gloves when they build your amazing burgers. Utensils are used over open flames, food is never handled by hand.

The best of both worlds delivered from 9 in the morning till 9 in the evening


Who can bite into a Steers Flame Grilled burger and not recognize the pleasure of ripping into take-away heaven?


Who can deny that the crisp- exterior to succulent-interior transition of a Fishaways portion of fish shares something in common with the magic of the ocean?


The wide variety on the Steers/Fishaways menu absolutely offers our customers the best of both worlds:  burgers, ribs, fish, chips, salad, etc.  Delivery from 09h00 until 21h00 is our unconditional promise to the customer.


After being in the area for over 15 years, the Monument Park franchise is famous for fast, friendly service and excellent quality.  Just a friendly reminder to all our kids, from 2 years to 100 years old, that our ice cream is a must have!


To see for yourself that we deliver on our promises, visit us, or contact us:

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