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You know where to find quality meat and meat products at competitive prices


Established in 1983, MONDANETTE BUTCHERY is one man’s dream to provide superior products come true.

Whethter it be:




    Lamb, or



Danie Ferreira, the owner of MONDANETTE, can confidently claim that you will find the best tasting quality guaranteed meat products at affordable prices in his butchery.

MONDANETTE BUTCHERY has grown tremendously and has facilities to process all the meat from all the hunters all over the country. They also bake and sell readymade meals for the modern family.

Their smoked meat products are truly divine!


MONDANETTE does catering as well, and they will make you a spitbraai you will never forget at a price you will never believe.


Once a MONDANETTE customer, always a MONDANETTE customer.


1. Because they sell mainly meat,

2. Because they offer superior value for money.

Become a part of the MONDANETTE family.


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