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Get Quality Products at Ackermans


Ackermans opened their doors to the public at the current location in Monument Park Shopping Centre in 1982. Ackermans is a very well-known business that is already a 100 years in old.

We specialize in clothing giving you the client quality products at a very good price.

You will be welcomed by our friendly staff which will gladly assist you. Treating our clients with kindness and generosity is part of our daily motto.

We have a wide range of kids clothing ensuring the latest in styles that’s trendy at affordable prices without breaking the bank.

Your entire family clothed by Ackermans, Ladies, Men and Babies.


The following products are available at Ackermans Monument Park Shopping Centre:

• Clothing

• Cellular products

• Financial Services

Visit us today, we will add value to your life.




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